Myths About Seat Belts Myths About Seat Belts
World Famous Comedy Traffic School Myths About Seat Belts

A lot of scary stories are still told about safety belts. Many of the stories are not true. Have you heard some of these before?

  • “Safety belts can trap you inside a car.” It actually takes less than a second to take off a safety belt. This type of scare tactic often describes a car that caught fire or sank in deep water. Accidents like these seldom happen. Even if they do, a safety belt may keep you from being “knocked out.” Your chance to escape will be better if you are conscious.
  • “Safety belts are good on long trips, but I don’t need them if I’m driving around town.” Half of all traffic deaths happen within 25 miles of home. Deaths can occur when drivers are going 40 mph or less. Don’t take chances. Buckle up every time you drive.
  • “Some people are thrown clear in a crash and walk away with hardly a scratch.” Your chances of surviving a collision are five times as good if you stay inside the car. Even if your car is hit from the side, a safety belt can keep you from being thrown out into the path of another car.
  • “I’m only going to the store. My little brother or sister doesn’t need a child’s car seat, anyway. It’s too much hassle.” Car collisions are the No. 1 preventable cause of death of children. More deadly than leukemia or muscular dystrophy, accidents also cripple or disfigure thousands of youngsters for life. Crash-tested child car seats reduce injuries and save lives. An older child can be placed on a crash-tested “safety booster seat,” to properly fit a standard shoulder/lap belt. In a collision, a child can “fly” back and forth within the car, even at low speeds. Protect any small children in your car. Take time to buckle them up in safety belts or car seats. It’s worth it, and the law requires that you do.

Most drivers, no matter how carefully they drive, will be involved in at least one traffic collision during their lifetime. The chances of being injured or killed are greater than you might think. About one person in three will be injured or killed in a traffic collision. Since there is no way a driver or passenger can completely eliminate the possibility of being involved in a collision, the best thing is to increase your chances of surviving by always using seat belts.

Penalties: First Citation – $20.00

Second Citation – $50.00 and it goes on record.

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